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It’s that time again! Tales officially starts on Wednesday July 17th. A lot of the info I gave last year still applies. You can view it here, but I will add some new info in this post.

First, I’ve updated my Visitor guide google map here. Check the first link above to see the instructions of how to add it to your mobile device. It also has the locations of craft bars, late night dining, banks, grocery stores, etc.

Secondly, me and Chris Mcmillian can be found at new bars. Chris is heading up the bar at Kingfish located on the corner of Chartres and Conti. I’m on the corner of Bourbon and Orleans in the Bourbon Orleans Hotel at the Bourbon O’ Bar. For two months I’ve been revamping the interior and bar program. I’ve made it the nicest (and only) bar on Bourbon Street where you can sip a fresh cocktail while watching the craziness of the world’s most famous party street. My bar staff includes Becca June from Portland and Lynn Burgett from Baton Rouge. We plan to work everyday and night to accommodate you. We will have live entertainment every night and are large enough for a crowd. Bring your own food or order from our delivery menus. We are excited for you to visit!

Bourbon O’ Bar welcomes the USBG (United States Bartenders Guild) Tuesday, July 16th, 12 noon – 5 pm for a Meet n’ Greet
It’s a chance to come on by, meet the USBG National President David Nepove, enjoy a crafted cocktail at the bar, pick up your USBG swag and say ‘hello’ to other USBG members from around America as they kick off our week in N’awlins for Tales of the Cocktail! Free hugs and cocktail specials for everyone!

Also, The Bourbon Orleans Hotel welcomes “On the Town with Dale DeGroff” on Wednesday July 17th. Drinks to be served: Dale’s Fitzgerald, Punch Royale, The Major Bailey and Absinthe Frappe. Bartenders making Dales’s drinks are Bruce Tomlinson, Lynn Burgett, and Becca June.

• The French Quarter (Vieux Carré  [VEWV- ca-REH]/Old Square) is only 6 X 12 blocks. It was the very first part of land built upon in the 1700s. Since then, there have been two fires (1788 and 1794). In the late 1800s the street numbers changed, which makes it challenging when doing research.

• There are four streets that border the French Quarter: Canal, Rampart, Esplanade, and Decatur.


– Cross over Esplanade and you enter the Marigny Triangle and the best place to visit here is Frenchman Street. This is where the local cool kids live, drink, eat, and party.  The best way to get there is a cab, pedicab, or walk East on Decatur.

– Cross over Canal and you’ll enter a business type atmosphere.

– Cross over Rampart and well, DO NOT cross over Rampart on foot at night. Only go as far as Bar Tonique.

– Cross over Decatur, keep walking, and you’ll end up in the Mississippi River :)

– When you cross over Canal from the French Quarter the street names change:
Decatur to Magazine
Chartres to Camp
Royal to St. Charles
Bourbon to Carondolet
Dauphine to Baronne
Burgundy to University Place
North Rampart to South Rampart

• All the streets in the French Quarter are one-way, so is no need to constantly look for one-way signs when crossing a street. Just look to see which way the cars are faced. And please, I’m asking you kindly, please don’t get to a corner and stop…walk like a local and keep going. The cars are going very slow and will stop for you. If you really want to walk like a local then walk in the street alongside the parked cars.


• The sidewalks in the French Quarter are very uneven and full of holes. The best shoes to wear should have a flat sole. Heels on women are dangerous. Wedges work well. Also, the streets are very dirty, so if you wear open toed shoes, then expect to wash your feet often.

• Cabs and pedicabs are very easy to hire. They roam the French Quarter streets constantly looking for business. You will need cash for the pedicabs and if you’re going to use a credit card for a cab then ask first.

• Pronunciation Guide- New Orleans [new OAR-lehns]

– Decatur [da-KAY-ter]
– Chartres [CHART-ers]
– Carondolet [ka-RON-de-let]
– Burgundy [burr-GUN-dee]
– Tchoupittoulas [CHOP-uh-TOO-lus]
– Conti [CON-tie]
– Antione’s [ann-TWAHNS]
– Arnaud’s [r-NOSE]
– Beignet [ben-YAY]
– Lagniappe [LAN-yap] It means free stuff!



• Come to my Sunday Night French Quarter Balcony Chillax Tiki Party – Sunday the 21st
Tales is over, you’re hungover, you sleep in, get some dinner, and think to yourself, “I’m feeling better, what is there to do?” This is why you are officially invited to my party.  When? 10pm – 5am.  Beachbum Berry will be tending bar from 10 pm – 1am.
I will have tropical flip flops for everyone and of course leis. Just yell up and I’ll drop the gate key in a basket.  The address is 928 Conti (less than two blocks from Bourbon). Go to my Facebook event page here to let me know you are coming, so I know how much booze and food to buy.

• Miss Trivia

Download my drink trivia App, Miss Trivia for only 99 cents and have fun playing while in Nola. My app has 5000 questions, five categories, and three difficulty levels. In August 2013 it will longer be available to download, so get it NOW.

• Canal Street Ferry
Ride the Canal Street Ferry for free to Algiers Point and see the New Orleans skyline. The ferry runs every day from 6:00 am – 12:15 am, and departs from the New Orleans side at :15 and :45 past the hour. You can board the ferry at the foot of Canal Street – right next to the Aquarium. It departs from the other side on the hour and :30 past the hour. My suggestion is to just enjoy the ride and view by riding the ferry over, stay on the ferry, and ride back.

• Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum

Upstairs above the French 75 Bar there is a free museum that brings together more than two dozen lavish Mardi Gras costumes.  Just ask the bartender about it.

• Antione’s Tour
If you go to Antoine’s (713 St. Louis Street) and ask for a tour of their 160 year old restaurant then they will grant you this wish for free.

• Café du Monde Beignets
You can see beignets being made through the kitchen window at Café Du Monde in Dutch Alley.

• Ride a Nola Streetcar
The streetcars cost $1.25 or you can buy an all day pass for $3.

Well, that’s enough information to point you in the right direction.

Cheryl Charming aka Miss Charming™
Phone/Text 407.924.6234


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