50th Anniversary • Hollywood Cocktails

Seems like everyone is blogging about Hollywood themed cocktails for the upcoming Academy Awards, but I decided to share four libation films from 50 years ago (Mainly because I’ve only seen one of the films nominated for 2011). So roll out the red carpet for Blue Hawaii, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Come September, and The Hustler.

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii was the 3rd top grossing Elvis film. The soundtrack album was on the Billboard Pop Albums chart for 79 weeks and spent 20 weeks at #1 on the Pop Albums chart. His mother in the film was played by Angela Lansbury, but in real life Angela was only 10 years older than Elvis. Elvis was 26.
The Libations
Several tropical intoxicating libations are seen in the film, but only one is mentioned and seen. The Mai Tai. Trays of Mai Tais are passed around at a party and even shows a bartender overflowing the top of a Mai Tai with golden rum. Here is a look at the first scene from YouTube. Skip to 1:20.

One song from the film, I can’t Help Falling in Love With You, was undoubtedly the best on the soundtrack. Elvis sang ICHFILWY throughout the rest of his life while wiping sweat from his face with scarfs then giving it them to women in the audience. Here is a look at Elvis 12 years after the Blue Hawaii film at age 38 in his Aloha from Hawaii TV special. Man, what a handsome man.

Mai Tai
Learn how to make a real Mai Tai from the #1 authority of all things Tiki, Beachbum Berry.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
This romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard won two Academy Awards with Best Original Score and Best Song (Moon River) and was nominated for three Academy Awards; Best Actress, Best Art Direction, and Best Screenplay. Audrey was 32 years old.
The Libations

There is drinking throughout the film and a big party scene in Audrey’s apartment. Audrey pours herself milk in a cocktail glass, her and George drink whiskey, and George even has a line about drinking Champagne in the morning. You can listen to it here. People have reported that Mimosas and Planter’s Punches are either mentioned or seen in the film, but I haven’t watched the film close enough to confirm. Anyone out there for for certain?

Audrey drinking whiskey and milk.

Come September
This film starring Rock Hudson, Bobby Darin, and Sandra Dee was the very first film shown on transcontinental and intercontinental flights. That’s kinda cool.
The Libations

Rock Hudson drinks a lot of Champagne and there’s even a scene with a bird perching on the edge of a glass getting drunk from Champagne. In one scene, Rock drinks a Martini for breakfast. The servant asks him if there is anything else he may want and Rock replies, “an olive”.

The best scene is when Rock tends bar and serves Bobby Darin and his friends brandy. Here is the scene from YouTube.

The Hustler
Paul Newman plays “Fast Eddie” Felson in this nine Academy Award nomination film about a pool hustler. It won Best Art Direction and Cinematography and still today is considered one of the great classics.
The Libations

As you might have guessed, there is a lot of drinking seen in the pool halls during “Fast Eddie” Felson’s travels, but a bottle of whiskey is seen when he plays a 25 hour pool game against Minnesota fats and drinks the entire bottle. The whiskey?  J.T.S Brown Bourbon, which is made by Heaven Hill.


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