His & Her Charming Cocktail Jewels

This year at Tales of the Cocktail, I debuted my Charming Cocktail Ring. I actually cut the stems off real glass cocktail glasses that I found at various thrift and antique stores then attached them to a ring. They were a smashing success! You can buy them online here.

While selling my Charming Cocktail Jewelry at Tales, many of the guys asked me to think about designing something for them. Jim Meehan pulled me aside and gave me a great idea, so you may see that idea next year, but for now I made some cuff links. I started with some silver tone Hawthorne strainer cuff links. You can purchase them here. Thank you Philip Duff for buying the first pair!

I’ve also made some citrus twist cuff links that are available in silver and gold tone. I will be adding more types soon.

Thank you to everyone for such a great feedback on my fun Charming Cocktail Jewelry! And a special thanks goes out to Ann Tuennerman for allowing me to be one of the first people at Tales to sell a product. Even though I lost my camera, don’t remember the William Grant Party (sorry, Charlotte…and anyone else I encountered that night), and caught my hotel room on fire (having to pay $225 in damages…don’t ask), the cherry on top was selling out of all my jewelry.

The people in New Orleans have been so warm and welcoming that I’ve decided to move the the French Quarter in October, so be ready for lots of fun adventures then!


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