Sex and the City 2 and Charming Cocktails 2

Well, Sex and the City 2 is about to premiere and Prairie Organic Vodka sent me some recipes to share.

sexDo you know when the first Cosmopolitan was first ordered and seen in the TV show Sex and the City? Well, I do because I checked all of the episodes out from the library to find out.

The first time the Cosmopolitan was mentioned and seen in the TV show was on July 18th, 1999. It was the 2nd season, 19th episode called, The Chicken Dance. Samantha orders one at a wedding bar and Carrie orders scotch straight up. I recorded the clip and it can be seen here.

The next Cosmo seen was in the 20th episode called The Man, The Myth, The Viagra.The third time was #23 Evolution and the fourth was #24 La Douleur Exquise! Shall I go on?

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