Timberlake Tequila

Well, if you haven’t heard, Justin Timberlake has a new Tequila coming out called 901. He says that the name came from the time (9:01) when the night begins (plus it’s the Memphis area code of which Justin is from). Celebrity alcohol is not a new thing, but I believe this is the first time a celeb has reached out to the masses for their creative marketing ideas. I LOVE this angle! The #1 thing to know is that the deadline is November 30, 2009. If you win for the best brainstorming advertising idea then you win $25,000, a first-class/VIP trip to Las Vegas for 2, baby, and you get to be the Executive Vice President of Big Ideas for 901 Silver Tequila for 1 year. Watch the video below to spark your ideas.

I would love to win this contest! If anyone wants to brainstorm with me then lemme know! I’ll share the love.

My friend Brian Van Flandern snapped this photo (below) of Justin after having a discussion about the contest one night in NYC. Brian and I will be hosting a Cocktail Game Show at Tales of the Cocktail next July along with Trevor Schneider and Diageo.


On a side note…sorry for such a long time between posts. I took my mother on a trip to the Northwest to Oregon & Washington. The day I returned I packed up and moved from Orlando, FL to Indian Rocks Beach, FL to work for Mark Hastings (who owns the world’s largest bar supply company) as Promotions Director.  Mark has been a long time friend. In the late 1990s when the Internet was in it’s infancy stage, there were only a handful of bar people that had websites. They were me, Mark (barproducts.com), Tobin Ellis ( barmagic.com), Webtender.com, Barnonedrinks.com, drinkboy.com and a coupla more.

One of our new sites is called logobarproducts where you can have custom printed bar tools created. If you have an interest in this then just contact me for the best price. My new work email address is cheryl.charming@barproducts.com.

Personal Update: Facebook won’t let me add any more friends because the weird limit is 5000. So, I’ve had to create a Cheryl Charming aka Miss Charming ™ Fan Page. (Wow! I’m like a celeb!) So come join my Facebook Fan Page! I promise not to send you annoying facebook emails all the time.

Also, there is a full page article in Orlando Magazine on me this month…just don’t tell the editor that I don’t live in Orlando anymore.


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