Elvis Licks, Shoots, and Sucks

I was organizing my files when I found some photos I had forgotten about. They are from the 1963 Elvis Presley film, Fun in Acapulco. Elvis plays Mike Windgren and has two love interests, Ursula Andress (think Dr. No) as Marguerita and Elsa Cardenas as Dolores. In the film he drinks beer, shoots Tequila, drinks Margaritas, sings about drinking, and sings a song titled Marguerita.



Does anyone know what Tequila bottle this is? A large hi-res image of that scene can be bought at mptv.

Below is Elvis singing the song Marguerita from YouTube.



Here are the Margaritas that are shown in the film. Boy, who did the research for these? They look like salt rimmed water with a white straw.

I like that they were served “up”, but the glass looks more like a champagne coupe.

Below is the song from the film that I could watch 1000 times! It’s called Bossa Nova. “Hey little mama, let’s sit down and have a drink and dig the band…she said drink drink drink oh fiddly-dink, I can dance with a drink in my hand…”

Here’s a photo of a scene where Elvis takes some cold cocktail (looks like a frozen drink) into the straw then drops it on Dolores’s belly.


And below is a YouTube link called Drunk in Acapulco. He drinks beer. Cute how the songwriter rhymed English words with Spanish words.


By the way, of all the pages on my website misscharming.com, my Margarita page gets 10 times more hits than any page!

People love Margaritas!


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