Alcohol Adornments


Greetings cocktail lovers! Since the last post I attended the world’s best cocktail festival,  Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. It was a blast for me (but I have a blast everywhere I go!). You can see all my Tales photos at my facebook page. I gave away over  200 Miss Charming™ Ice Cube Rings and about 100 Miss Charming™ earrings.

If ya don’t know the story then here’s the nutshell version: Basically, over the years I’ve looked and looked for affordable bar & cocktail jewelry. When I couldn’t find it I decided to make my own! What that has evolved into can be seen here.


Recently, the world’s largest bar supplier, Bar called me and said that they would love to carry some of my hand crafted jewelry. So next week you will be able to find 7 0f Miss Charming™ pieces at These include: Earrings: Red/cherry Martini, Greeen/Olive Martini, Gold Girl-In-The-Glass and Silver Girl-In-The-Glass earrings, Absinthe Green Fairy & Winged Corkscrew earrings. Also, my most popular ring, the 1″ Ice Cube Ring.

The ad to the left can be seen in the September issue of Cheers! magazine.

There are other options out there too! Piaget created a collection of stunning cocktail rings. The collection is called Limelight Paradise and the designs of the rings are inspired by famous cocktails like Sex on the Beach, Caipirinha, and Blue Hawaiian, which are also the names of the rings. You have to email them to find out the price of the rings. They look expensive. They can be found at


Looking for something wild, cheap, and off the wall? Then the shot glass ring is right up your alley!  You can  find it at You can get a dozen for $5.

Their description says: Wedding Ring Shot Glasses. Give one of these .75-oz. plastic shot glasses to each guest at the bachelorette party! These 2 1/4″ oversized wedding ring shot glasses are also a fun way to toast the bride-to-be at a bridal shower.

Frida Jeppsson’s Cocktail Glass Ring.

blogglasstringOMG! Look at this HUGE cocktail glass ring! (I want one!) Apparently, Frida entered it into the annual Bombay Sapphire glass competition last year. I don’t know what the site says. Can anyone translate this?

Vinnande bidrag i den svenska fi nalen av Bombay Sapphire
Glass Competition 2008.

Ett glas är inte längre ett redskap eller en bruksvara. Det har utvecklats till något i
en egen klass, med egen identitet och det står för en egen aktivitet. Idag handlar
det lika mycket om vad du dricker i som vad du dricker. Med denna transformation,
glasets evolution, i bakhuvudet har jag fokuserat på en speciell aktivitet –
välkomstdrinken. En aktivitet på stående fot som handlar mer om hur glaset ser ut
när det är buret än hur det står vackert på ett bord. Glaset är nu en accessoar.

Formen är avskalad och ren för att vara könsneutral och endast erinra användaren
om den brilliantslipade diamanten. Brilliant erbjuder användaren att bruka glaset
efter eget initiativ och fantasi, att personalisera sin användning genom hur han
eller hon väljer att bära glaset.

UPDATE: A facebook friend, Tiare, translated the above to English for me:
Winning the Swedish finale of Bombay Sapphire Glass Competition 2008.

A glass isn`t just a mere tool anymore, it has developed and elevated into its own class with its own identity and its own activity. Today its not just about what you drink but also the vessel you drink in. With this transformation and the evolution of the glass in the back of my head I have focused on a special activity – the welcome drink.

A standing up activity where its more about how the glass presents itself when it`s held rather than standing neatly on a table. The glass has become an accessory.

The shape is clean for being unisex and the brilliant cut diamond is only discreetly letting itself being known to the user. Brilliant allows the user to use the glass according to his/hers own mind and fantasy, to personalize its use by how he/she chooses to carry the glass.


Well, that’s about it for this time. Oh! I will be in the great Northwest September 9-21. The main cities I’ll visit are Portland, Seattle, & Spokane. So, if you are in the area and wanna get together let me know! On Saturday night the 19th, I’ll probably be at Clyde Common in Portland visiting master bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler. And on Sunday night the 20th I’ll be at the Teardrop Lounge in Portland visiting bartender and tiki drink aficionado, Blair Reynolds. They are having a Tiki party!



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