Musical Cocktails

blogaol Recently, I found myself the only person in the entire theater laughing outloud at the beeper scene in the hilarious film,  The Hangover. It seems like yesterday that I owned a beeper, but after calculating the years it’s been 14! Comparing that with owning an iPhone today has made me realize how fast technology has progressed. I love my iPhone and think it should be called something else because it’s my alarm, GPS, calculator,  weatherman, calendar, clock, photo album, flashlight, and so much more. One of the apps I play often is the AOL Radio app. They have every music genre and more but, they also have some cocktail and drinking related stations.  My favorite is The Strip that plays all those Vegas Rat Pack songs. Other ones to check out is the Martini Lounge, Irish Pub Songs, Drinking Songs, Party Hits, and Sinatra Style.

I also have a page on my site called Booze Songs if you’re interested in checking that out. And I also have my own drink trivia app called Miss Trivia!

Come follow me on Twitter below and if you are coming to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans next week come say hi to me! My events are listed here.


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  1. I will sing your praises from the hills. What a truly great site you have here. Thank you for all the information – Charming Cocktails » Musical Cocktails – which is exactly what I was looking for. Jill Rambers

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