Shooting Straight with Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail

mrandmrscocktail515Every Saturday morning in New Orleans, Paul & Ann Tuennerman aka Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail host The Straight Pour Radio Show from 10 AM – 11 AM on WIST-AM 690. Two weeks ago on 4.11.09 I was on the show. You can listen to the show by clicking here then scrolling down to The Straight Pour.

It was the most fun I’ve had after sleeping for only a few hours. Christina (one of the Tales of the Cocktail Angels) brought the ingredients to make Prosecco Mimosas, we played the Miss Trivia iPhone App, challenged listeners to call in with the answers, and Dean Serneels called in. Also in the studio was Tony Leggio, the Grand Marshall of the Easter Gay Parade, Liz Edwards, National Director of the Las Vegas Bartenders Guild Special Events, and Rebecca “Kid Cocktail” (Paul’s daughter).

On the show I tell Tony that he can make a special cake for his gay parade (like Mardi Gras and their famous King Cake). Below is a photo of the Rainbow Cake I talk about. It’s easy to make! Just split your cake batter up into how ever many colors you want to make into separate small bowls and color them with food coloring. Then pour each color on top of each other in the baking pan and it will bake like the photo below.


Prosecco Mimosas

To make Prosecco Mimosas simply pour an ounce of orange juice into 5 ounces of Prosecco Italian sparkling wine.

Also, if you haven’t checked out Miss Trivia, my drink trivia app, here is a YouTube video of what it looks like below.


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