Recycled Bar & Cocktail Media

So, I set up my first craft booth over the weekend selling my Cocktail Jewelry and it was a hit. I met lots of people with loads of great advice and one bit of repeat advice was that I should create an account at (a place to buy & sell all things handmade). So I did and also clicked around and found a girl that makes  purses from books and one of the book purses she has for sale is a bartender book! Look at the Boston Bartender’s Book above! Here is her store at Esty. I contacted her and she said I could send her a cocktail book and she would create a purse for me. If you’re interested then she can do the same for you.

blogmagclutchBack in the 1970s I had a clutch in high school that looked like a folded magazine. Does anyone remember those? Well, now I’m on a search of how to create your own clutch so that I can put an imbibe magazine cover on it.

blogbooksafeTo wrap up this bar & cocktail printed media post, I found some food and drink book safes that you may be interested in at


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  1. Nice ! :).. Thanks buddy..

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