One for the Cocktail Jewelry Road


Many of you know that I’ve been dabbling in making cocktail-related jewelry on the side for a couple years. If you’ve attended Tales of the Cocktail in July (which by the way, tickets for this year just went on sale) and met me then I probably gave you an ice cube ring, Martini earrings, or some cuff links. Well, the fun jewelry has been pretty successful lately, so I’ve taken it a step further by Inc-ing myself (Miss Charming, Inc.) and created a craft booth. I plan on hitting the Florida art & craft festival circuit starting this Saturday the 18th. You can find my schedule by clicking on the Miss Charming™ Events tab above. My booth looks a little different from the raggedy white booths you normally see at these fairs because I set it up like a bar. Yes! Those are granite tiles I set on top! Pretty classy, huh? Oh, and check out the Absinthe Sugar Cube Ring and Green Fairy Earrings because they are adorable!

To see everything I offer right now, my Cocktail Jewelry page is here. And guys, don’t worry, I have plans to add some jewelry for you too!



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8 responses to “One for the Cocktail Jewelry Road

  1. Cheryl, You are one of the most enterprising people I know! You go girl! Adorn the cocktail lovers of the world.

  2. Miss Charming, you never seise to amaze me with your many talents and the extraordinary work you’ve done in developing, refining and promoting your personal brand. I cherish the assortment of Cocktail related Cuff Links that I’ve accumulated over recent years as a result of your efforts and our friendship-Cheers!

  3. Thank you Natalie! By the way, I haven’t sent your jewelry off yet. Sorry, been busy. I will send it next week though!

  4. Hi Paul! Thank you so much for your kind words! I guess you’re a bit cuff-linked out, huh? Hey how about a tie pin? Do you wear ties? Unless you prefer a toe ring 🙂

  5. Cheryl,,,,
    I broke the Miss Charming tie pin I got from you in 07.
    Everybody always ask me about it. The bottom of the glass broke off….
    I was bummed,,, I drank for 40 days and 40 nights….
    Help an old friend out.


  6. Hey Bruce, I’ll make you another one! When I buy some of those pin/tie tacks I’ll letcha know.

  7. melissa

    wow your jewelry is great! you can also make jewelry for glasses too, people love that.
    you are very talented!

  8. Hi Melissa! I pale in comparison to your talents! Yes! I want to make some wine charms, toe rings, chokers, and more. Hey, I’ll letcha know when I’m coming to your area and maybe I can come visit you! If I do a 2 day show I’ll need a guest room to crash :). You should sell your paintings!

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