Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

liquidnitrTonight I didn’t get to see my favorite person on TV (Adam Lambert) because President O’Bama was on, but I did get to catch Ted Allen afterwards on Food Detectives as Top Chef winner, Richard Blaise demonstrated how to make cool cocktails using a tank of liquid nitrogen. Man, did you ever think you’d see those 4 names together in one sentence? Anyway, Richard made a Gin & Tonic by making frozen gin ice cubes then filled the glass with tonic water, a frozen Tequila shot, a Mojito sorbet, and a frozen Martini. The ones I’d like to try are the Gin & Tonic and Mojito sorbet. I like my Classic Martinis cold, but I’m hesitant about a very cold & chunky Martini.

To see other molecular mixology creations click here. You’ll find an Inside Out Bloody Mary, nitro caipirinha, Champagne Lava Lamp, Martini Popsicles, Sazerac Gummy Bear, Gin & Tonic Jelly, Martini Sorbet with Olive Caviar, and more!

tocjamiecherylJamie Boudreau from spirits & is one of the world’s leading molecular mixologists. Below is a YouTube video of him making his MEXICAN CLOUD, a Tequila cocktail that includes rhubarb bitters and is topped with egg-white foam that’s flamed (toasted) with an atomized Chartreuse spritz.



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6 responses to “Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails

  1. That Boudreau guy gets his face in everywhere, huh? :-)Another nice one, Cheryl! Thanks.

  2. Nice review. Didn’t I see that Bordeaux guy making drinks for the astronauts on the space shuttle?
    Ted’s show, always has cool stuff on it. It’s like the myth busters for food TV. I’m glad to see he’s doing well and not just because he is from my hometown. I will have to catch this one on a rerun.
    Thank you Cheryl.

  3. Love the astronauts on the space shuttle!

  4. J

    Richard Blais is awesome, but he did not win Top Chef season 4, Stephanie Izard did.

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