Brando and Bacardi


I received an interesting email from a Los Angeles man asking me if Bacardi was the first spirit brand mentioned in film. Based on my Silver Screen Cocktail page, I’d have to say Bacardi was first mentioned by Marlon Brando in the 1955 film, Guys & Dolls. (In 1955 Bacardi was still made in Santiago de Cuba before Castro took over. In 1960, Bacardi moved to Puerto Rico.) This is one of my all-time favorite Cocktail Cinema scenes.

If anyone knows of another brand mentioned before 1955 then please let me know! Many alcohol brands have been seen, but not actually verbalized in film.

1945 Scarlett Street: A Pinch Scotch bottle is given as a gift.
1962 Dr. No: Smirnoff vodka is shown in this first James Bond film.
1964 Goldfinger: Dom Perignon is seen.
1965 Thunderball: Dom Perignon is ordered and Smirnoff Blue is seen.
1967 You Only Live Twice: Stolichnaya vodka and Dom Perignon is seen.
1968 Funny Girl: Courvoisier is mentioned. Fast forward to 2:10 of the clip below.

Waiter: Courvoisier, Mr. Arnstein?
Omar Shariff: Yes, perfect. And a créme de menthe frappé.
Waiter: Yes, sir.
Barbra Streisand: I like that beard on that captain.
Makes him look trustworthy.
Omar Shariff: He wants me to bring you to his cabin for cocktails.

1972 Avanti: Bacardi is mentioned.
1973 Live and Let Die: Bollinger is mentioned and seen.
1978 Saturday Night Fever: Seagram’s 7 is mentioned.
1987 The Living Daylights: Stolichnaya vodka and Jim Beam Bourbon is seen.
1988 Cocktail: Bacardi, Jim Beam, King Louis XIII, and Remy Martin are seen.
1989 She’s Out of Control: Kahlua is mentioned.
1994 Ed Wood: Beefeater is mentioned.
1995: Goldeneye: Jack Daniels is seen.
2000: Nutty Professor II: Seagram’s 7 is mentioned.
2003 Mona Lisa Smile: Jack Daniels is mentioned.
2003 Bad Boys II: Bacardi is mentioned.
2004 Alfie: Stoli is mentioned.
2004 Meet the Fockers: Tanqueray is seen.
2004 Flight of the Phonix: Bacardi is mentioned.
2004 After the Sunset: Jack Daniels is mentioned.
2004 Catwoman: Kahlua is mentioned.
2005 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Jack Daniels is mentioned.
2008 27 Dresses: Greygoose vodka is mentioned.
2008 Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Malibu rum is seen.
2008 The Love Guru: Frangelico is mentioned.

Here’s the Milk Punch recipe we served at last years Cocktail Film Fest (in coconut cups) when we showed the 1955 film, Guys & Dolls. It was created by H. Joseph Ehrmann, the owner of the award-winning San Francisco bar, Elixir.




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10 responses to “Brando and Bacardi

  1. Both Cointreau and Veuve Clicquot were mentioned by name in Casblanca (1942). I’d guess there were other brand uses before that as well.

  2. Great idea on how to get children to drink milk, Cheryl. When I was just 2, they used to pour Guinness down my throat, or so I’m told. Didn’t get to gin till I was 12, and Bacardi had to wait till I was 16 . . .

  3. Thank you! I found the script. It says:
    Laszlo: Two Cointreau, please.
    Waiter: Yes, Monsieur.

    No mention of Veuve Clicquot in the script, but it was seen.

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  5. Sea of Love, Pacino orders a, “Double Dewars, rocks”.

  6. Not quite as eloquent, John Rhys-Davies (Gimli the dwarf in LotR, Sliders, played the lead role in the little known 2007 movie called The Ferryman. He’s seen drinking 42BELOW vodka straight in a shot glass, then dispenses with the shot glass to drink straight from the bottle…

  7. That’s great! I’ll add it to my collection! Thank you Jacob.

  8. Cheryl,
    Juast a little tidibit about Bacardi I came across researching my book.
    The Bacardi Cocktail
    The history of this cocktail starts in Cuba during Prohibition. This is were the “Well-to-Do” could escape for a legal drink. Havana had become the unofficial U.S. bar.
    Bacardi Rum was one of the favorite ingredients in cocktails there. Soon Bacardi Cocktails were being served everywhere except with generic rums.
    The Bacardi family was extremely upset that their name was being used for a cocktail but not their rum. So in 1936 they took their case to the New York Supreme Court and got a ruling that made it illegal to mix a Bacardi Cocktail without using Bacardi Rum.
    How Cool is That!

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