It’s a Small Mini-Bar World After All!

minibarI’m in little bitty love! Look at these dollhouse bar & cocktail related items. It really is a small world after all! Here’s the story. A few years ago I gave Ann R. Tuennerman (founder of The Tales of the Cocktail) a stainless steel charm bracelet with cocktail-related charms attached for each year of the event. (I thought since my name was “Charming” that a charm bracelet would be a charming gift…see image below.) Well, each year, I give her another charm to be added to the bracelet, so I was surfing around shopping for one when I came across these mini-bar items.

anncharmDid you know that there is an entire miniature world out there? It’s like Horton Hears a Who! There are blogs, sites, communities, conventions, and even magazines! Silly me, I’m probably telling you something you already know. I don’t even know what I would do with these mini-bar items, but they are so darn adorable that I want them! There are lots of sites where you can find them. Just google dollhouse miniatures or drink miniatures to get started. I found the ones above at  SP Miniatures. You can even find entire built bars online. Check out the cool mini bar below that I found on YouTube! I would really need a drink after building that!

In honor of the “mini” theme, here is a S’mores shot that calls for miniature marshmallows. It can be seen in my next book that comes out in June titled, “Knack Bartending Basics: More than 400 Classic and Contemporary Cocktails for Any Occasion.”

smoresChocolate Shot Glasses

You can purchase pricey chocolate shot glasses, but why do that when you can make your own? You will need 3-ounce
paper Dixie cups, 1-ounce plastic portion cups, a double boiler (or microwave), a cookie sheet, unflavored cooking spray, baking chocolate, and baker’s wax. Amounts will vary, depending on how many you want to make, so just start
with small batches at first to get the hang of it.
(1) Melt the chocolate and baker’s wax in a double boiler or microwave.
(2) Spray the insides of the 3-ounce cups and the outsides of the 1-ounce cups with the cooking spray to prevent sticking.
(3) Pour the melted chocolate ¾ of the way up the 3-ounce cup, then push the 1-ounce cup into the chocolate until the chocolate oozes to the top. This molds the inside of the shot glass.
(4) Place onto the cookie sheet, then
place into the freezer to set up.
(5) When ready, remove from the freezer and pop off the portion cups.

The 1-ounce portion cups can be found at candy, wedding, and restaurant supply stores. Don’t stop with chocolate! For other shot creations try juices and other liquids. Just tape across the top of the cups to keep in place.



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2 responses to “It’s a Small Mini-Bar World After All!

  1. This is great! Who knew??

  2. Well, Very interesting bracelet… I will tell my friend and they will like this. Thanks…

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