Meet Nick & Nora Knack!

knack-bar-noirsmallThe folks from Knack books (publishers of my next book, Bartending Basics) put together a couple of fun videos based on four classic cocktails from the book. They’re a kick! They dressed up as Nick & Nora, the glamorous husband and wife team featured in the classic detective movies, The Thin Man. If you go to the link above you can also download a PDF of the recipes mentioned. It will look like the image to the left.

Here are the videos on YouTube! I love the Manhattan in the boat, the Gimlet on the train, and the Ramos Gin Fizz made in the car. (When this video is finished it will give you an option to click to see Part 2.)



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3 responses to “Meet Nick & Nora Knack!

  1. Why did they take down part 2?… : (

  2. Oh I see. When part over is at the end they give an option to click and see Part 2.

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