It’s a Wonderful Flaming Rum Punch – Mulled Wine Life

It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite holiday season film of all time. It was nominated for five Oscars.  George (James Stewart) orders a Double Bourbon and Clarence the Angel orders a Flaming Rum Punch then switches it to Mulled Wine heavy on the cinnamon. This film was made in 1946 and in this scene Clarence says that he’s 293 years old…so the writers in the 1940s assumed that people drank Flaming Rum Punches and Mulled Wine in the 1650s? Interesting.

This 1946 film also mentions gin when Mr. Bailey tells Harry Bailey to stay away from the gin at a party. Annie, the maid then follows with, “Music, fun, and dancing. Why do the young folk have to go and add gin to it.”

After George and Mary get married, the driver gives them a bottle of Champagne. With money  and the bottle in hand she says she feels like a bootleggers wife.

Mulled Blackberry Plum Wine
1 750-milliliter bottle red wine
3 plums, sliced
½ pint blackberries
1 teaspoon nutmeg
½ cup sugar

1. Heat the first three ingredients
in a pot to a simmer. Stir
2. Add the last three ingredients
and simmer for five
minutes. Stir gently.
3. Take off stove. Allow infusing
for at least 20 minutes
before serving.
Yields four 6-ounce servings


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  1. what a interesting post I read in this journal, respect!

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